A Car Scratch Polish That Goes the Extra Yard

A Car Scratch Polish That Goes the Extra Yard

Few things are as frustrating as discovering a new scratch on your ride and not knowing how it got there or when. Walking out to your car and noticing a tiny scratch or similar blemish in the finish is both angering and disheartening all at once - but there is something you can do about it, provided you have a little help from a car scratch polish that goes the distance.

If you’ve ever had any experience with machine polishing or paint correction, then PRODUXAScratch & Swirl Remover may be the ideal DIY-scratch removal product for at-home scratch removal and finish restoration. It removes scratches and contaminants from the road, but it does so much more.

  • Filling in minor scratches

Running into a bush, incidental contact with rocks and gravel on the road, and even using the wrong products on your car, such as abrasive agents, can all cause hairline scratches. You might be prone to the belief that once a scratch gets through the finish of a vehicle, it’s off to a professional detailer - but PRODUXA Swirl & Scratch Remover can fill in most hairline and other light scratches and it won’t even damage your vehicle’s paint or finish. Skip the trip to the detailer, take care of it yourself.

  • Removing swirl marks

Swirl marks on a vehicle might not be noticeable until you get up close and personal or view your vehicle in a certain light, and though they might simply appear like a cloudy blemish or a highlight, they are actually very small scratches and imperfections in the surface of your vehicle.

Swirl marks may be caused by a variety of factors, sometimes associated with how you wash your vehicle. If your car is covered with dust or other abrasive particles and you try to wipe it off with a towel, that may cause swirl marks as well.

Luckily, you don’t need to enlist the help of an expensive rubbing compound for this type of scratch repair. PRODUXAScratch & Swirl Remover will will in surface swirls with ease.

  • Eliminating hard water spots

When you wash your car with hard water and it dries too quickly for you to remove excess water or apply additional finishing products, you may be left behind with hard water spots and marks. These are minerals, commonly calcium and magnesium, that leave unsightly white or off-white deposits on vehicles.

Unfortunately, hard water spots usually can’t just be washed off with more water; that can actually compound the problem. This scratch removal kit, however, is equally effective at removing hard water spots as it is at removing other surface scratches.

  • Restores shine to dull paint finishes

Perhaps you aren’t laboring under a deluge of unpleasant swirl marks and other scratches, but your vehicle is looking a little bit worse for wear and its paint job or finish could use a pick me up. That’s a common problem too, and it’s also one that this car scratch polish can combat.

A number of different factors can make a vehicle’s finish dull, ranging from run-of-the-mill oxidation to a density of swirl marks. In either case, and in others, this Scratch & Swirl Remover will restore a vibrant, lustrous finish to your car’s surface. No need for more complex treatments; this car scratch remover will breathe new life into your vehicle!

  • It’s safe on all paint finishes

Perhaps most importantly, PRODUXA Scratch & Swirl Remover is wildly effective while remaining safe for all paint finishes. Even if your vehicle has a clear coat finish, you can use this scratch remover as a quick touch up to bring your car back to life.

In addition to filling in minor scratches, treating the effects of oxidation and erasing hard water marks, PRODUXA Scratch & Swirl Remover is highly effective at removing most contaminants from the road, ranging from salts and oil to grease. As little as a single, simple treatment can bring your car’s finish back to life, without the need for a touch up paint job or complex polishing compounds.

The Perfect Primer for PRODUXA Premium

For those of you intrigued by our PRODUXA Scratch & Swirl Remover, remember one important thing - it is the perfect primer to prepare your vehicle for our PRODUXA Premium, an all-in-one detailing product that cleans, shines and seals your vehicle, for a showroom quality finish that you can complete at home.

It’s a spray-on, wipe-off product, so there’s no need for extensive buffing and polishing, and it will effectively remove dirt, road contaminants, pollen, dust fingerprints, and so much more. It’s water based and non-toxic, requires no special experience to use, and will seal your vehicle, protecting it from UV radiation. It’s also safe on paints, plastics, clear coats, metals, and more.

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