Benefits of Waxing Your Car

Waxing your car is not just an extra step for people who really want their cars to look good. Waxing is an essential part of car maintenance, and you should do it regularly.

Many people mistake waxing for something that just makes a car look shiny, but it has important benefits that keep your car in working order (and looking showroom ready) for as long as possible. 

1. Waxing your car prevents rust.

As much as we love them, cars are really just hunks of metal. When metal objects are exposed to the elements, they start to rust. Rust looks bad, but it can also progress to the point where it causes the metal object to develop holes and eventually fall apart. 

Paint by itself is not enough to stop rust from forming. The clear coat is a shiny sealant on top of the paint that keeps oxygen and water from wearing away at your car. The number one benefit of waxing your car is maintaining the integrity of the clear coat. Once your clear coat goes, it goes downhill from there.

2. Waxing your car prevents scratches.

Like it or not, there are plenty of things that can scratch your car. As you drive, there are abrasive particles in the air. People brush up against cars in parking lots. If your car is left outside, there may even be animals that crawl across it with sharp claws at night.

Wax creates an additional surface on top of the clear coat. While it may not prevent deliberate damage, such as your car being keyed, it can provide that extra layer of protection to protect your car against minor scratches. Anything that could scratch your car has to scratch through the layer of wax before it can damage your car. 

3. Waxing your car extends the life of the paint.

Several car parts wear out with time and use. You have to rotate and replace tires. Brake pads eventually need changing. We often don’t think of it in the same vein, but paint is also one of those car parts that need replacement over time. Remember, if your paint is not intact, your car car is vulnerable to deterioration caused by rust. 

Thankfully, the average paint job has a very long life. If your clear coat is peeling, paint is fading, or paint is chipping away, it’s time to repaint your car. You can save yourself time and headache by repainting when the clear coat is starting to look thin, rather than waiting for it to peel. Especially if you have a custom paint job, this can be pretty expensive. 

When you wax your car regularly you maintain the integrity of the clear coat and drastically delay your next paint job. Peeling clear coats are often brittle and dry. Wax, on the other hand, rejuvenates and moisturizes the clear coat, helping it to fight the effects of time for as long as possible. People who wax their cars often save themselves money in the long run because they have to paint their cars less often. 

4. Waxing your car preserves its value.

They say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. When it comes to cars, value is too. The first thing that any car dealership, insurance adjuster, or potential buyer is going to see on your car is the paint job. If you’ve taken care to wax your car on a regular basis, the paint will be shiny, giving the impression that your car is well-maintained. If your car is fading and has some imperfections in the paint, this impression could detract from its value. 

You never know when you'll have to sell your car or when it will be totaled. If your car stays in tip-top shape, you will get the most money possible. Your car is a big investment. You want to keep it in good working order so that you can get a good return for it whenever you need to. 

5. Waxing your car makes maintenance easier.

Nothing takes more elbow grease than trying to wash stuck on grime that’s been baked in by the sun off of your car. Regular waxing can reduce the number of times you need to do that. Wax is slippery, and it makes the surface of your car slippery. That means dirt and debris have a harder time sticking to your car, which makes life a whole lot easier when you go to wash it. 

Does Produxa Sell Wax?

The number one reason people don’t wax their car is that it’s too hard. That’s why we’ve created easy-to-use products that offer the same effect as waxing without all of the headaches. 

Produxa’s Scratch and Swirl Remover gets your car ready for waxing. Produxa Premium cleans, shines, and seals your car, just like wax. This gives you all the benefits of waxing with an easy spray-on-wipe-off application. You don’t need water, and the only tool you need is a microfiber towel. We recommend applying this product to your car once per month for best results, but one application is strong enough to last for up to three months. If you’re looking for even more durable protection, our Ceramic Coating is awesome. 

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