Breaking Out the Performance of a Superior Car Detailing Product: PRODUXA Premium

Breaking Out the Performance of a Superior Car Detailing Product: PRODUXA Premium

The market for car detailing products is a very lucrative industry, but unfortunately there are a lot of claims made and not quite as many that are substantiated by real, measurable performance or results.

You’re proud of your ride, and that’s why you’re probably out here looking for the best detailing products you can find. Don’t fall for the trap of products that promise to deliver but fall short. Avoid that snare, and the snare of harsh, toxic detailing products that are temperamental, difficult to apply, and don’t provide a lasting finish.

With our PRODUXA Premium Hydrophobic Polymer Formula, you can meet those requirements while getting a better shine, longer-lasting protection, and overall better results. We set out to make a detailer that beat out the other waxes and cleaning products, and here’s what we landed on.

  • The ideal DIY solution for car cleaning, polishing and protecting

Some products recommend professional cleaning and application in order to achieve the desired results or appearance. Sometimes, this is because the product itself needs to be carefully prepared, applied and removed, even after cleaning and preparing the surface of the vehicle. Other times, it’s a quick way for auto shops to make a buck. Both of these scenarios are expensive, time-consuming, and inconvenient.

PRODUXA Premium is the ultimate do-it-yourself solution for conscientious car and truck owners looking to get superior, professional quality results, excellent protection and a lustrous shine, without ever leaving the garage or the driveway.

  • Easy to apply

The first and most compelling reason that PRODUXA Premium lifts the bar is simple - it couldn’t be easier to apply and requires no professional help or special tools. Other cleaners, waxes or polishing agents require special preparation, applicators, or instructions. With PRODUXA Premium, all you need to do is rinse off the car or truck and make sure the surface is free of visible dirt, then spray it on and wipe it off. No buffing or special applicators are required.

One of the best things about their proprietary polymer formula is that you don’t even need to buff it in, wash it or rinse it off. Once it’s applied, it’s ready to protect for months to come.

  • The water based formula has no abrasive compounds

PRODUXA Premium Hydrophobic Polymer is also a next-level solution because its water based formula is free from harmful chemicals and abrasive agents. Other car detail products may require special care, handling and application to prevent them from marring the finish of your car or truck, but not PRODUXA Premium.

Simply apply it in the manner detailed in the previous section and you’ll be on your way to better, longer lasting protection and a far superior shine. There’s no need to worry about damaging your paint or the finish of your vehicle from the presence of micro-abrasives - PRODUXA Premium is entirely free from them!

  • No streaking or smearing

Picture this: you’ve just spent a pretty penny on a wax or detailing product that made some fairly big promises about how easy it would be to apply and what kind of shine it would leave behind. You apply it, maybe even buff it in or rinse it away, all to the letter of the directions - but there’s a problem. 

Once that product dries, you can’t help but notice that from some angles and in some lights there are unsightly streaks and smears. Now, what’s worse, when you try to get rid of them, they seem to be “baked in” to the finish.

It’s a common enough problem - but we know one thing, for sure. That product wasn’t PRODUXA Premium, but PRODUXA leaves behind a stellar shine with minimal effort and does not produce unsightly sneaking, streaking, smudging or spotting.

  • Longer lasting protection - by a long shot

How long do you expect an at-home wax treatment to protect your car and provide a bright and shining finish? A month? Two months? What can you expect from a professional detailing service? Perhaps a month or a little longer?

Well, it’s time for you to set the bar higher, because PRODUXA Premium gets right to protecting like a champ and keeps on going for longer than the industry average - for about 90 days. Naturally, this length of time can vary according to weather, conditions and other use, and we recommend that regular drivers apply about once per month, but given the right mix of factors you can get up to 3 months of hard working protection. And, the best part is that a single 16 ounce bottle of our PRODUXA Premium will  supply you with anywhere from 4 to 7 applications.

  • Actually fills micro-scratches for an even appearance and a miraculous shine

Some detailing products only provide a shiny finish, others are intended to protect against scratches. Then there are some products that you can use to help fill swirls and microabrasion to the finish of your car or truck. PRODUXA Premium does it all.

An application of PRODUXA Premium will actually fill those swirls and microscopic scratches on your car’s surface on its own, without the need for an additional special treatment. That will even out the surface of your car or truck, restoring a “like new” finish and overall appearance for a more uniform shine and better protection against future abrasion and scratches.

  • Superior protection against water - advanced hydrophobic protection

Believe it or not, protection against water is one of the most important aspects that a car detailer can offer. We might use water to clean our vehicles, but water contains impurities such as minerals that can leave behind spots. In the short term, spotting is unsightly, but left unchecked it can damage your car’s finish and become difficult to remove. You can use PRODUXA to remove type 1 water spots, and it will protect against the formation of others.

As soon as you apply PRODUXA Premium, it starts working hard to keep water off of your car’s paint and prevents spotting. Just check out some of our videos on our product pages to see what happens when you introduce water to a surface treated with PRODUXA. Water rolls off of a PRODUXA finish, well, like water off of a duck’s back! (Which, incidentally, is also hydrophobic.)

  • Even protects against UV rays and can be applied in sunlight

PRODUXA can even be applied in direct sunlight, but we suggest that you apply it when temperatures are not too extreme. It’s better to apply it to a cool surface and out of direct sunlight, but you can just do the same in sunlight if you must.

Also, it protects against damage due to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. Some may not know this, but UV light also breaks down car finishes and paints and will make them look dull, faded and old much before their time. With the amazing protection of PRODUXA Premium, your car will stay looking newer and fresher for longer.

  • Get that high gloss shine with no buffing required

We’ve all seen those memes where you think you’re looking at a vista but you’re really looking in the mirror polished surface of a car’s finish. That’s impressive - and some of you may have thought that you needed the help of a professional car detailer to pull it off.

Well, the professionals are great at what they do, but PRODUXA Premium gives them a run for their money. All you need to do is clean the surface of your vehicle, spray on PRODUXA Premium, wipe it off, and enjoy the view. Your car will be shining brilliantly in no time - and you can skip the expensive and time consuming buffing, whether you’d do that yourself or have a shop handle it for you.

  • Superior protection against oil, grease, dirt, fingerprints, dust, and even bugs

PRODUXA Premium does not just protect against water, water spotting and harmful UV rays. The amazing, must-see-it-to-believe it finish that it provides also protects against a wide range of contaminants that cars run into day in and day out.

PRODUXA Premium protects against dirt, dust, oil, grease, fingerprints and other contaminants that are common on the road. Any of these that are waterborne will roll right off the surface, and PRODUXA will repel many of those that aren’t.

While excess buildup of contaminants like dust and pollen can still accumulate on the surface of your vehicle, PRODUXA still protects against long-term adhesion. Simply rinse your vehicle off and these will roll right off the surface!

  • It’s the perfect Eco-friendly car detailing product - and no water is required to apply it or rinse it

PRODUXA Premium is also amazingly eco-friendly. It’s water based solution contains no harmful chemicals, is 100% VOC (volatile organic compound) compliant, and completely non-toxic. We take it even one step further - PRODUXA is biodegradable! Worried about the other harsh chemicals that some shops use ending up in runoff? Worry no longer with PRODUXA!

  • Have a boat instead? It’s great for that?

Are you all squared away in your needs for car detailing products? We have some good news - PRODUXA Premium might be tops for cars, trucks and Jeeps, but it’s also great for boats!

Some watercraft are just beautiful with a fresh coat of wax applied to their freeboard or brightworks, and PRODUXA is great for that. Fiberglass is only fiberglass until you apply a finish that brings out its potential, and PRODUXA can really make your boat shine.

  • Don’t have a boat? Looking for other ways to put PRODUXA’s famous shining and protecting to work? You’re in luck!

Don’t have a boat? Don’t have a pressing need to detail your car or truck? PRODUXA isn’t just for these - it’s one of the best all-purpose cleaners and protectants out there. You can use it on aircraft, tractor-trailers, bikes and motorcycles, RVs and trailers, and even on your windows or on a variety of surfaces on the outside of your home. Speaking of its versatility…

  • Safe on a huge variety of surfaces

PRODUXA Premium can be used on a truly impressive range of surfaces. It is not only safe for use on exposed metal, ceramic and fiberglass. It is ideal for use on a wide range of other non-porous surfaces including but not limited to chrome, tile and glass, stones including granite and marble and even some synthetics and plastics, like acrylics. If it needs to be shined and protected and falls under these categories, PRODUXA Premium just might be the perfect fit.

  • Use it on any color, paint, too!

One more thing - if you had any hesitancy whatsoever about its compatibility with certain color paints, worry not. PRODUXA Premium is not only compatible with an impressively wide range of materials and surfaces, but also with all color paints. Whether you need a detailing product to turn your silver car into a mirror or one to make your red car glow, PRODUXA Premium will fit the bill.

Bonus: It’s Supported by a Fleet of Superior Car Detailing Products

PRODUXA Premium does not work alone. We also carry a variety of other detailing products, including Marine Gel, Tire Shine and Scratch Remover and more. We even carry microfiber towels to help you get an even, perfect application every time. Your tricked out new car will look a lot more complete with that wet tire look, and we can provide you with the means to pull it off.

Try It Worry Free!

You’ve probably heard a lot of claims by this point, and if you’ve ever had a bad experience with a car detailing product before, it’s understandable. That being said, many of our customers are repeat buyers and our high ratings are a testament to the quality of PRODUXA Premium, but we’ll throw you one more morsel.

We know that PRODUXA Premium is the best surface sealant on the market, and we mean to prove it. Try it for 30 days, and if you don’t like it, send it back. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee - which is generous, considering that you’ll see the difference immediately!

If you have any questions at all - regarding the product’s formula, how to apply it, what you can apply it on, or otherwise - get in touch with us at - and make sure you follow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram!

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