Car Care Tips & Tricks to Share with the people in your life

Car Care Tips & Tricks to Share with the people in your life

Hey Produxa Fam,

We know, we know, you’re a car care expert, but there may be people in your life that may not be. We compiled this list to share with your loved ones and who know, you may learn a thing or two yourself (we did!).

Tire tread:

Regular tire rotations are an essential part of car care and should be done roughly, every time you get an oil change. But what most people don't know is that you can check your tread with quarter and determine your tires health so to say. So go ahead, stick a quarter UPSIDE DOWN between that tread If you can see Washington’s entire head, then it is time to shop for new tires. 

Checking your oil levels:

One thing many don't know is that you shouldn't check your oil right after you turn off your car as it will give you an inaccurate reading. Wait at least 15 minutes and never drive if your oil is at the minimum mark!

Quick Headlight Cleaning:

If you are dealing with foggy headlights and need a quick fix, use vinegar and baking soda. Mix into a paste and apply with a clean, dry cloth. Rub gently over the headlight to remove the layer of oxidation that has built up. Wipe clean with a spray of glass cleaner.

Pocket Knives:

Carrying a pocket knife in an easy to reach place is crucial in accidents. Cutting yourself out of a seat belt can be life saving. Find a sharp knife that can be folded for protection.

Quick & often time FREE assistance:

A quick oil top off or headlight change can oftentimes be handled by heading into your local auto care location. Many of the reps can assist with these things once you buy the part or product you need.

Professional Waxing Results done at home IS POSSIBLE:

Detailers favorite product is Produxa Ceramic Spray which is an easy to use ceramic coating that can be applied yourself. It’s easy and doesn’t take too much time. Best part - it’s a lot cheaper than your local detailer!

Do you have any car care tips you’d like to share? Send them over and we’ll save them for a part 2!

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