How Tire Shine Can Provide More than Showroom Quality Appearance

How Tire Shine Can Provide More than Showroom Quality Appearance

What’s more beautiful than a ride with a finish that you can actually use as a mirror? A ride with a set of wheels that you can also use as a mirror!

You know that fully detailed, in-and-out look. We know that tastes vary, and that to some a detailed trick with polished chrome rims and dressed tires is more appealing than a hotrod with conditioned leather seats, polished brightworks and a finish that gleams, but one way or the other, something is missing from the allure of a detailing job is the tires are gray and faded.

In fact, it ruins the whole appeal - if you handle your own detailing work, and believe us, you can do much of it at home without professional assistance, you’re not finishing the job if you don’t make use of tire shine like PRODUXA’s own product! Nothing puts the finishing touch on a beautifully detailed ride like the tasteful application of tire dressing.

The best part about it is that it isn’t purely cosmetic. Don’t misinterpret that statement. The effect is decidedly cosmetic and you can bring your ride’s appearance back to showroom speed with the right dose of tire shine, but as it turns out, there are plenty of other reasons to indulge. Here are some of the best of them.

Look only to PRODUXA Tire Shine to provide some of the following long-standing benefits for your vehicle’s tires.

Prevents tire rubber from cracking, and the hardening that causes it

Tires crack, that’s just a fact of life. The problem with tire rubber cracking is that it is usually caused by some combination of factors that, for their part, actually cause the rubber that makes up the tires to harden. You probably don’t need to be introduced to the additional fact that hard rubber is not only a near paradox, but it is also unsafe.

When tires crack, it is a sign that they are losing their ability to hold up to stress. Cracked tires also mean that there is, cumulatively, less rubber constituting the wall of the tire, which ultimately leads to less strength. That is, when cracks form, they represent critical points of weakness in the tires that can present a hazard.

Similarly, tires harden before they crack, and even before cracking, tire hardening presents a significant issue for drivers. Think of it this way. Once rubber has hardened or begun to harden, it is categorically less flexible. One of the key attributes that makes rubber a suitable material for the production of tires is its flexibility. As flexibility decreases, the medium’s abilities to absorb impact and resist wear decrease. This presents another distinct hazard that, when coupled with cracking, is even more of an issue.

To rectify this, one has the option of addressing the problem itself. Many conditions cause tire rubber to harden and to crack. One of them is exposure to the UV radiation present in sunlight, so an option is to keep your car, or your tires, covered during periods of prolonged disuse.

Other factors that cause hardening and cracking are chemical in nature. Some oils and salts are readily absorbed by the rubber in tire sidewalls and will, over time, break down the polymers and cause them to separate. When this happens, cracks form. The problem is, you can’t drive your car and prevent it from coming in contact with oils, grease and salt on the road.

What you can do is treat the tires with a protectant that nourishes the tire rubber and helps prevent it from overexposure to these factors. Our tire shine protects tires not only from UV light but also from oils, greases, and salts that the tires would otherwise absorb in undue quantities.

In a nutshell, treating your tires periodically with our tire shine will actually help to forestall or entirely prevent the hardening that can lead to cracking and the premature aging of your vehicle’s tires.

Prevents tires from fading

Here’s something else that tire dressing, treatment or shine may be able to offer your vehicle’s tires: protection against undue fading. When you first get your car from the dealership, or with fresh tires from the shop, they’re going to shine and sparkle like cut gems. Every facet of the rubber will gleam like a black pearl, and we’d be lying if we told you that there wasn’t an element of beauty in it, because there is.

The thing is, as troubling as tire cracking and hardening is, all of those factors mentioned above will start to wear your tires out and have them fading long before they crack and experience substantial damage. With exposure to UV light and overexposure to harsh chemicals and oil, your tires' beautiful black shine will first lag, then disappear, giving way to dingy, washed out color.

After a few months of regular use, your tires will start to fade to light gray and may even start to discolor to brown around the rims from exposure to grease and oil. While discoloration is not necessarily cause for concern on the grounds of safety, it certainly isn’t a pleasant sight to behold.

There is charm in an old ride that has been lovingly cared for, even when it has faded tires, but there is even more charm in an old ride that has been lovingly restored to glory. There is no shine like a vintage shine, and with so much as a single application of our tire shine, you can utterly vanquish tire fade, banishing it to the outskirts of memory. Even one application will restore the most faded tires to like-new condition that will last for weeks. When it starts to fade again, simply reapply our special formula for ultimate tire restoration.

Protects tire polymers from UV exposure which damages them

Tires are specifically built to be tough. They are purposely built to grip the road and carry your car. They’re without a doubt some of the toughest components to any vehicle. That said, they’re not impervious to damage, and one of the most seemingly innocuous outdoors factors is actually the most destructive to the polymers in tire rubber.

It’s a well known fact that UV radiation can be downright deadly to living tissue. Overexposure to UVB and UVC will cause sunburn and ultimately damage the genetic material within a cell, resulting in mutations and the formation of deadly diseases like cancer. As it turns out, UV light is every ounce as destructive of the rubber in tires as it is of your skin and eyes.

Many tires are treated with carbon black, a synthetic hydrocarbon that helps to absorb some UV radiation and prevent it from damaging the tires, but its protection is not eternal. Eventually, it will lose its ability to protect the tires and the UV light will penetrate it. When that happens, the UV light will damage the structure of the polymers in tire rubber, causing them to “dry out” and lose their flexibility. When this happens, cracks will form, ultimately damaging the tire.

However, routine application of tire shine (as instructed) will actually protect the rubber in tires against the assault of UV radiation, filtering out the short wavelengths before they can reach and damage the rubber in tires. Over time, the tire shine, like carbon black, will lose its ability to protect the tires, so routine application on an as needed basis is necessary to prevent long-term UV damage.

Protects against salts

Here’s some good news. Road salts are not usually absorbed readily by tire rubber because the rubber itself contains little to no water to which the salts can bind. Salt, which is extremely hydrophilic, seeks out water and binds to it readily, absorbing vast quantities of water very easily. Salt is also extremely reactive, which is bad news for the other components of your car which are also very reactive, such as, say, the steel, which makes up literally almost all of your car to begin with.

The bad news is that while your tires are relatively impervious to damage from road salts, the rest of your car is a custom made job for a salt-disaster. Both salt and the water it absorbs are highly reactive in concert with steel and can cause runaway rust that can be damaging, even debilitating, to your vehicle. The trick is to prevent it, and our tire shine will help make it harder for your tire’s rubber to absorb salts and carry them. Salts can also cause discoloration of your tire rubber which a tire gel or treatment will prevent.

Additionally, our tire shine is useful for the treatment of certain plastic surfaces which may be in contact with exposed metal and thus should be protected against salts.

It’s easy to apply

Another great reason to use our tire shine is because it is extremely easy to apply and does not require specialized tools, applicators, preparation or any professional assistance. Our PRODUXA tire shine comes in a convenient spray bottle and can be sprayed directly onto the surface of a tire’s sidewall. After application, all you need to do is wipe off the excess with a clean microfiber towel. Let the rubber absorb the mixture, wait a bit, and enjoy the effects!

PRODUXA Tire Shine Won’t Harm the Environment

The best part about some water-based tire treatments is that they are potentially not harmful for the environment. For our part, our PRODUXA tire shine, like our PRODUXA Premium, is entirely eco-friendly and non-toxic, so it will not harm the environment in runoff or in the soil, just in case there is incidental contact.

This is a welcome relief and stands in great contrast to so many other automotive chemicals that are overtly harmful and need to be not only applied but handled very carefully so as not to be released into a natural environment where they will cause far reaching issues.

Easy to use, easy on the environment and highly effective, our tire shine is one of a kind for its effects - and the best part is the finished effect!

The obvious - provides that beautiful, high-gloss shine

Finally - last but not least, as they say - the effect of our tire shine is something that you will simply love. Don’t miss out on the low-hanging fruit that is easy to apply and puts the finishing touch on your detailing efforts.

If you are going to wax your car or apply PRODUXA Premium, polishing and treating your glass, chrome, trim and leather, you’re missing out if you don’t finish the look with an expertly formulated tire shine.

Try it once and you’ll love the effects. It’ll provide you with that showroom quality look and complete all of your efforts!

How to Apply - Best Practices

Our tire shine is formulated for exterior use only but it is also remarkably easy to use. Simply hold it back at the appropriate distance from the plastic or rubber surface you wish to spray and apply it directly. After you’ve sprayed it on, wipe it off with a clean, dry microfiber towel.

For best results, apply it to cool, clean, dry surfaces out of direct sunlight and avoid contact with the treads and with exposed brake components, which can become slippery. Excess tire shine may “spray” off of the tires, so be sure to remove excess if the tires don’t absorb it.

 Also, for longer lasting results and best effects, store your car out of direct sunlight and don’t allow the tires to sit in standing water for prolonged periods of time. You should also be sure to clear off superficial dirt, grease or oil if it accumulates on the exterior of the tire.

Other than that, there’s most of what you need to know about our tire shine!

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