How to Choose the Right Car Care Products

How to Choose the Right Car Care Products

Those who are passionate about cars and car care understand that an important aspect of maintaining your vehicle is how you treat it yourself. There are many steps that you can take to contribute to the condition of your vehicle yourself. Not everything has to involve professionals in a garage working on your vehicle. The more you can do yourself to take care of your vehicle, the better, especially when these are fairly easy steps to take. Even regular car washing can play a huge role in the condition of your vehicle. It is a simple aspect of car care that you can do yourself without spending too much. As long as you have the right car care products, you should be able to thoroughly clean your vehicle on your own and right from the convenience of your own home. High-quality car wash products like the ones here at Produxa, can help you to provide a great clean all on your own. Before you do anything else, you should stop and consider if there are any ways that you can improve how you clean your car at home. Let's start with the basics here and discuss how important it is to clean your car properly and what you can do to improve your regular car washes. We will even provide recommendations for specific car care products you should use to keep your vehicle looking its finest.

Importance of Car Washes

Although most of us understand that it is important to keep our vehicles clean at all times, not everyone understands why that is. There are specific and noticeable benefits to performing regular washes that greatly affect your vehicle's appearance and performance. While looks do play a factor, there is actually much more to it than that. Frequent car washes are in the best interest of both you and your vehicle. Before we dive into how you should wash your car, we should first take a moment to discuss why we do it. Here are just a few of the major benefits of frequent and thorough cleaning sessions.

  1. Improves Driving

The cleanliness of your vehicle can play a considerable role in your safety out on the road. Having a vehicle that is not properly cleaned can actually increase your chances of getting into accidents while driving. If your windows or mirrors are unclean, your vision of the road and other objects becomes less clear. The grime, streaks, frost, or any sort of debris on your windows and mirrors reduces the quality of your vision, which puts you and everyone else on the road in danger. While driving, you have to rely on your vision to guide you safely through roads. If your sight is obscured in any way, that greatly affects how you are able to drive. Your vehicle is designed with several key points like the rear window or side view mirrors to help you see better when driving. It is up to you to keep them clean so they can perform properly.

  1. Protects the Vehicle

Dirt, mud, and any kind of road debris does a lot more to your vehicle than make it look messy. All of these substances have the potential to cause damage to your vehicle and give you problems in the long-run. The dirt and dust left along the body of your vehicle can be abrasive and create small scratches in the paint of your car that you may not notice until your next cleaning. Each one of those small scratches then has the potential to turn into a much bigger issue if left untreated as those scratches turn into chips of paint missing, which then rust over into unsightly patches. If you are fortunate, your car's paint will not become scratched, but it may still fade in color and shine as the dirt wears away at the protective layers you have on your vehicle. All of this ultimately hurts your pocket as you have to repair the damage to your paint. Keeping your car clean  is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to help to prevent these concerns. You can preserve the condition your car is in, which is great for continued use and for potentially trading-in or reselling your vehicle.

  1. The Look

A clean, well taken care of vehicle is a beautiful sight; one that can make any car owner proud. A good car wash can make your vehicle look shiny, fresh and clean as if you just drove it off of the lot and took it home that same day. This is normally the reason that comes to mind when people consider the benefits of regular car washes. While it does not speak to the performance of the vehicle, it still serves a purpose. With all of the time, effort, and finances you invested into your vehicle, you want to enjoy it as much as possible. If it brings a smile to your face  driving around in a glossy, clean car, then it is well worth the extra care.

  1. Personal Wellness

This one might come as a surprise to some people, but it is one that should definitely be said. Maintaining a clean vehicle is a great way to reduce your exposure to unwanted germs and bacteria. Just as you would wipe down various surfaces in your home that you make contact with often like door handles and railings, you should be careful to clean your vehicle often, inside and out. After making contact with unknown bacteria, you then enter your car and pass that along to your car and anyone else in the vehicle. Cleaning your car frequently prevents those unwanted substances from building up over time in your vehicle. Add to this the fact that dust and dirt can build up and enter into your car's ventilation systems, causing you to breathe all of it in. This increases your chances of catching a cold or aggravating your allergies. Keep your car clean and free from all of these nasty germs and dust particles.

Car Care Products

Now that we have a better understanding of why it is so important to keep your vehicle clean, we can move on to the washing process. You want to have the right car care products to help you each step of the way to make sure that all of your concerns for your vehicle are addressed. Each Produxa product serves its own purpose and contributes to maintaining the condition your car is in. If you have particular concerns with your vehicle, you may want to focus on certain products, but all of these car care products contribute to a larger routine. When you put everything together, you should have a well-rounded car wash routine designed to clean and preserve your vehicle.

All Purpose Cleaner

Now that we are getting into specific products you will want to keep in your garage, let's start off with cleaning the interior of your vehicle. You will want to use a great all purpose cleaning spray to handle the car's interior. With all of the various materials inside of a car, you need something that will be able to work with anything including vinyl, fabric, leather, and carpet. Your all purpose cleaner should be able to effectively clean along all of these surfaces without damaging any of the materials in the process. This cleaner should be able to handle stains, streaks, footprints, and anything else you might notice. Keep the interior of your car clean with an easy-to-use, flexible cleaning spray. All you have to do in order to use the Produxa All Purpose Cleaner is spray it onto the different surfaces of your car and wipe them down with a microfiber towel in a circular motion. Just like that, you can hop into your vehicle knowing it is fresh and clean.

Car Shampoo & Wash

Moving on from the interior to the exterior, you will need a high-quality car shampoo that will effectively and efficiently remove all dirt, dust, or grime from your vehicle. This is a staple product, one that you will always want to keep a backup of in your home so that you will always be able to thoroughly clean your car with the right products. Our Shampoo product has a hyper-concentrated formula, specially created to clean your car without using too much product, making each bottle last longer than you might be used to. A good car washing session starts with a shampoo product removing all dust, marks, bird droppings, and other contaminants from the exterior. This gives you a great, clean base before moving onto the next steps in your car wash process.

Our carefully crafted formula provides a deep clean to your vehicle's body without disrupting or damaging wax, sealants, or the paint itself. It leaves a clean surface, free from any unwanted substances without leaving behind any residue. What you are left with is a fresh, clean slate. It is gentle, yet effective, which is just what you need before working on other parts of your vehicle. Once you have this foundational step complete, you can begin your work on any other part of the vehicle. But a good car shampoo is an absolute must-have for any car owner.

In addition to a car shampoo, you may also want a waterless car wash. Our Waterless Wash product is designed to deliver an effective clean without the use of water. It is great for use during colder months when you do not want to deal with water out in the open. You simply spray your vehicle with it and wipe it down with a microfiber towel. Just make sure that the surface you are applying it to does not have any gritty substances on it. It is incredibly easy and convenient to use. The Waterless Wash is also ideal for days when you want to spot clean or refresh the surface of your car when you do not want to perform an entire car wash. It is just a great product to have on standby for when you need it.

Scratch & Swirl Remover

For spot-corrections, you will want a bottle of Scratch and Swirl Remover within reach. This product can be a huge life saver when you are frustrated at problem areas on your vehicle. An unexpected scratch or scuff is enough to drop your mood for the day and leave you wondering how it could have happened. That is when your Scratch and Swirl Remover comes in to take that stress off your shoulders. Eliminate scratches, scuffs, oxidation, and swirl marks easily with a little bit of this product. It brings back clarity and shine to the area while providing some major benefits.

Premium Wax & Sealant

To finish off all of the cleaning and spot-correcting you've done to your vehicle so far, you will need wax or sealant. A car wax is meant to provide a glossy finish to your vehicle while protecting it from external elements. The Produxa Premium is like nothing you've tried before. It has an easy spray-on and wipe-off application method that makes it easy to apply carefully in even layers, covering the entire surface of your car's body. The Produxa Premium provides a high-shine glossy finish with an ultra-strong protection that lasts. This product protects your car’s surface, while giving it that new car shine.

Tire Shine

With the main body of your vehicle taken care of, you can wrap everything up with one finishing touch. A tire shine will help you to improve the look of your tires so that it shines along with the rest of your freshly-washed vehicle. Our Tire Shine brings life back to dull car tires by adding a glossy shine. It also provides some protection to your tires, making it harder for mud and grime to adhere to them. With this final step complete, you have a clean, high-shine vehicle protected from external elements until your next wash. That is thorough car care, all done right at home with a handful of carefully selected products.

With the right car care products on your side, you should be able to easily clean your vehicle and protect the exterior from any external contaminants. Powerful, effective products will do most of the work for you, so you just need to keep a stash of great cleaning products at all times to make your at-home car care easy. Throw in a few extra microfiber towels and you will be good to go.

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