How to keep Car Cool in Summer Without AC

How to keep Car Cool in Summer Without AC

Let’s keep your car cool during summer 

The heat episodes that occur during the summer decisively affect your car, but not all of its components equally. When temperatures increase significantly, tires and engines suffer the most. 

For example, in the last extreme heat wave, tire blowouts increased by 29% and punctures by 18.7%. Many of these incidents occur or worsen the consequences due to the lack of maintenance of this component that is essential for road safety. 

Review key aspects of the vehicle such as tires, batteries, liquids, lights, brakes and suspensions. 


  • Check your pressure, including that of the spare wheel. 
  • Make sure that the drawing has a minimum depth of 1.6 mm. Although it is recommended to change them when it is below 3. 
  • Check that they have cracks or deformed areas. 
  • A few tires with abnormal wear can be synonymous with that something goes wrong with the braking system or suspension. 


Check that the terminals are well fixed and that there are no liquid leaks. 


All must be at their indicated level. With most, it's easy to check: engine oil, coolant, brakes and steering, and windshield wipers. 


  • They are essential to see and to be seen if we circulate at night. 
  • All must work properly and the headlights must be clean. 
  • You will also have to check the height adjustment, especially if we have loaded the car a lot. 


Brakes and suspensions: 

  • The optimal operation of both elements is essential to drive safely with our car. 
  • Currently, most vehicles warn us through the instrumentation panel if something does not work on our brakes. 


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