How to Start Using Car Cleaning Sprays

How to Start Using Car Cleaning Sprays

When picking out all of the car care products you need in your kit, you definitely want to find out what are the best car wash products on the market. Car washing is an important step in keeping your vehicle in good condition and looking great. To help give you an idea of some of the products you want to have in your garage, we are going to go over a few types of car cleaning sprays that can shake up and change the way you clean and maintain your vehicle.

Pros of Using Cleaning Sprays

Before we get into naming specific products you might want to add to your car wash kit, we should first go over what we like about car cleaning sprays. We have to appreciate the convenience that comes from using spray applicators when the formula allows it. Spray-on products are able to efficiently deliver the right amount of product you need to any given area, with ease. All you need to do with a spray product is squeeze the trigger and aim it right where you want it to go. There is no hassle to this sort of product whatsoever, and you can easily use it with one hand while you work. You do not even have to put the bottle or cap down while you work on your car since a spray bottle can be used one-handedly. This also helps with avoiding spills and using excessive amounts of product at a time. There is no way to spray too much product at a time when you control the amount that comes out with each spritz. Your car cleaning sprays are also great, mess-free applicators since they do not need to have the lid entirely removed as with twist-on caps. When you set your bottle to the side for storage or when you put it down while you are working, there is no fear of it tipping over and leaking everywhere, which saves you time, product, and trouble.

Waterless Wash

Now that we have quickly gone over some of the advantages of using car cleaning sprays on the whole, we can dig right into things and provide recommendations for particular products that you might want to start using. First off, let's discuss the Waterless Wash cleaning spray. It is a super convenient product to have around whenever you need to do some spot cleaning on your vehicle. It is a cleaning spray that activates on contact with unwanted debris like mud or grime, and does not need any water to start working. You just spray it on and use it just as it is. It is the perfect product to have around when you just want to clean up a few spots on your vehicle here and there. The Produxa Waterless Wash even comes with UV protective benefits to keep the car's coating safe from sun exposure. Just spray it onto the areas you want to target and wipe it off. This is the perfect product for times when you want to clean off a small mess on your car like bird droppings or give your vehicle a little refresh in between full washes. There is no need to bring out the hose and bucket each time you see even the slightest of spots on your vehicle, at least not when you have the right products to take care of those concerns.

All Purpose Cleaner

Another type of cleaning spray that is an absolute essential for your kit is an All Purpose Cleaner. Your car wash routine would not be complete if you also worked on the outside and left the interior alone. You want car cleaning sprays that will clean the interior of your vehicle just as thoroughly and easily. The Produxa All Purpose Cleaner is fantastic for cleaning the inside of your car because of how versatile it is. It can be used on all kinds of materials in your car like carpets, leather, vinyl, and more. It is great at handling stains, foot prints, streaks, and any other general concerns that need to be cleaned, making it an amazing, universal product.

Once you are finished with the cleaning stages of your car, you will want to top everything off with a high-quality car wax or sealant product like the Produxa Premium, which is formulated to protect your vehicle’s exterior while leaving it with an ultra-glossy, high-shine finish. It is the perfect finishing touch after a good clean, plus it also comes in a spray bottle with a convenient, refillable option.

Now that we have gone over the basic benefits of using car cleaning sprays and even mentioned some products by name, we hope that you have a better idea of how you want to shop for your car care products. Just know that we are here and happy to help you identify what products are missing from your normal car wash routine. If you have any questions about our products or need recommendations for what you can do to step up your car washes, feel free to message the Produxa team to answer any of your questions.

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