Produxa Tire Shine: Not Just Another Tire Shine Spray

Produxa Tire Shine: Not Just Another Tire Shine Spray

We all know and love that classic look of a newly detailed car, that shines so brightly it even seems to glow at night. There’s nothing quite like the look of a beautifully buffed ride that’s so clear you can see yourself in it - but the look isn’t complete without the touch of a nice tire shine spray.

Call it tire dressing, tire shine, tire wet or tire black - they might not all have the same formula or the same name, but you know what they look like. They provide a glossy sheen to your tires, keep your tires looking great, and make the whole package light up.

It’s not just about the cosmetic effect - tires that are exposed to the elements, ridden hard and let out to sit in the sun will wear out and fade over time, and quality tire shine products will not only restore their appearance but condition the rubber, helping to prevent cracking, hardening and fading over time.

Still, it’s important to remember that not all formulas are the same. That’s something we’ve kept in mind here at PRODUXA - something that has guided us through the formulation of our PRODUXA Premium - and the same principle that helped us create our PRODUXA Tire Shine Spray - which stands, or shines, head and shoulders above the competition.

  • Easy to apply

Just like our PRODUXA Premium, our Tire Shine Spray not only engineered for amazing performance and a shine like no other, but it is remarkably easy to apply.

To experience the best results from our tine shine spray, apply it on cool tire surfaces that are out of direct sunlight. Spray it onto the exterior rubber or plastic surface that you want to light up, being careful not to overapply - you don’t want this to come in contact with your brakes. Then, simply buff off the residue with a clean microfiber towel.

Then take a step back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Your tires will gleam and glisten like they never have, and all from a little TLC. Plus, you’ll have the added benefits of extended protection for the rubber in your tires!

  • Protection from the elements

Tires take the worst of the road, which shouldn come as a surprise to no one ever. The entire ride of your vehicle depends on the staunch service of your tires, and the road has a lot tom throw at them. Extreme heat and cold, intense mechanical stress and friction, and a whole variety of chemical and environmental stressors will get thrown at your tires - literally - day in and day out.

From salt on the road to ice and snow, and even grease and other harsh corrosives like acids and alkalis, your tires will get the worst of it. However, our Tire Shine Spray goes the extra mile to protect them, offering lasting protection against weather, aging, and the chemicals on the road.

  • Protection from UV radiation

A little known fact about the polymers in tire rubber is that the sun’s radiation can destroy them over time. Specifically, it’s the ultraviolet radiation in sunlight that is damaging to the rubber in tires. As the rubber in tires is exposed to UV radiation, it will break down and lose its flexibility. Over time, the rubber will harden and small cracks will start to form - and the problem is, once this occurs, the damage is irreversible. This is why some people cover their cars - and why others cover their tires, specifically.

Luckily, our tire shine spray provides uncommon protection against UV radiation that can be damaging to your car’s tires, just like our PRODUXA Premium protects your car’s finish against UV light. They’re the ultimate players in vehicle protection and tire care.

  • Superior results and protection

You don’t need an advanced degree to know what looks good and what doesn’t. Just one application of our PRODUXA Tire Shine and you’ll know the difference. Take a step back and enjoy the glow - it requires no professional application or special tools, and your tires will thank you for the protection!

Take It From Our Customers

Don’t take it from us - of course we’d like to think we’ve developed the best car detailing products (such as tire shine), but the thing is that our customers agree. Take a look through the ratings and reviews on our product pages - our customers speak Gospel and many of them have even submitted pictures as evidence.

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