PRODUXA Waterless Wash 16. oz

PRODUXA Waterless Wash 16. oz

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Produxa® Waterless Wash with nano tech polymer formula is scientifically formulated to safely clean all painted surfaces, plastic, chrome, tires and glass from your vehicle with the use of water. Produxa waterless wash provides superior clean and protection from the elements and harmful UV rays in a very convenient ready to use spray. No more water, no more rinsing, no more drying! Produxa Waterless Wash is the perfect complement for Produxa Premium for a high gloss finishing.

For Best Results Apply Only To Cool Surfaces Out Of Direct Sunlight
Make Sure Surface Is Not Gritty With Sand Or Dirt To Avoid Schatching
Spray Produxa Waterles Wash Onto The Surface You Want To Clean Starting From The Upper Parts, Work Into The Surface In A Circular Motion With A Clean Micro-fiber Towel. As The Micro-fiber Towels Become Dirty And Saturated Fold To A Clean And Dry Side Or Replace With Clean Towel As Needed.
No Need To Rinse Or Wipe Off

    Proudly Made in the U.S.A. 

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