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CONCENTRATED FORMULA - High-grade Shampoo for ALL Coatings

The thick, rich suds of PRODUXA® Car Shampoo are powerful enough to clean all exterior surfaces without removing wax or sealant!

PRODUXA® Car Shampoo will not strip your wax or sealant and rinses completely clean without leaving a residue.

Our pH-balanced car wash shampoo was handcrafted to be extremely slick. PRODUXA® Car Shampoo will exceed your expectations with thick, luxurious suds that last through the entire wash.

This Shampoo is a free-rinsing formula that never leaves a film. It is so gentle that it will not remove even the most delicate of waxes or sealants. Plus, our special paint conditioners resist water spotting and restore a high-gloss shine.

In between regular washes and for best results, make sure to use PRODUXA® Premium to remove light dust, fingerprints, pollen, insect remains, and bird droppings.

Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

Hyper-concentrated formula

1 Gallon bottle is enough product for 6 months of regular washing

Will not remove existing waxes, sealants or coatings

Thick, rich suds provide excellent cleaning power

Designed to clean and condition ceramic coated vehicles

Works great on ALL exterior surfaces, including chrome and glass

Gently detoxes, cleans & removes contaminants

Free-rinsing to resist streaks and water spots

Safe to use on vinyl wrapped vehicles, PPF clear bras, vinyl decals, and fiberglass surfaces such as boats and RVs

Infused with our PRODUXA® Premium coating technology


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