PRODUXA® Pro Microfiber Towels - PACKS (800 GSM)

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Please Note: When you order our Pro Ultra High-Quality Microfiber Towel Packs, you will only receive the towels and NO bottle of PRODUXA® PREMIUM.

Produxa® Pro Ultra High-Quality Microfiber Towels with 800 GSM, 16 x 16 Inches, ultra fluff fibers provides a plush cushion for a smooth application and provide an unbelievable shine to your vehicle with Produxa Premium, Wash off the dust with Produxa Shampoo, Remove the swirl marks or water spots with Produxa Scratch and Swirl Remover, Shine your Tires with Produxa Tire Shine or a quick wash up with Produxa Waterless Wash .... the Produxa® Pro Microfiber Towel is the only thing you need to do it all!


Additional Product Details:

  • Excellent All-Purpose Detailing and Cleaning Towel
  • Lint-Free / Label-Free / Non-Abrasive
  • Quickly Removes Excess Polish, Wax, Glaze, and Sealants with Ease
  • Use Damp for General Cleaning, Wet for Scrubbing Heavily Soiled Areas and Dry for Dusting
  • Safe To Use On All Electronic Equipment and Other Sensitive Surfaces
  • Extremely Durable - Ability to Withstand Hundreds of Washings with Proper Care

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine Wash with Mild Liquid Detergent (Free of Dyes, Fragrances, Bleach and Softeners). Tumble Dry Low, and Do NOT Iron. Do NOT Use Any Fabric Softener as this Clogs the Microfibers and Reduces Performance. Do NOT Use Chlorine Bleach. Wash Only with Other Non-Linting Materials (NO Cotton!) to Maintain Proper Dirt-Gripping Properties.

PRODUXA® Premium is specially formulated with a combination of polymers to create a slick, glossy finish and protect finishes from bugs, water-spots, and road contaminants. Ordinary waxes and paint sealants cannot offer the same level of protection and wash or wear off in a matter of days/weeks. PRODUXA® Premium seals and protects for months, not weeks.

The 16 oz bottle will generally be good for 4-7 midsize car applications because you won't need as much if you pre-wash your vehicle and remove all contaminants before applying PRODUXA® Premium the first time. 

The coating usually lasts for up to 3 months, depending on the environmental influences. Depending on how often you wash the car and what chemicals you use the lifespan might be shorter. For a daily driver, we recommend applying the product at least once a month to keep up the optimal protection for your vehicle. Some people apply a couple of layers in the first 24 hours to build a harder protective coating and a deeper shine. PRODUXA® Premium can also be used as a drying agent after washing to add a layer of protection as you dry your vehicle. 

When you first get PRODUXA® Premium, wash the vehicle first, dry it, then apply it according to the directions on the label. When it comes time for a cleaning, you can simply use PRODUXA® Premium to clean and reapply more layers. The chances of scratching are lower than washing with soap and water since PRODUXA® Premium is already on the surface and much slicker then soap. If the vehicle is extremely dirty or if it has been weeks or months and PRODUXA® Premium may have worn down, then wash the car with soap, dry it, and re-apply PRODUXA® according to the directions.

You can use the product on all vehicles like Cars, Trucks, Bikes, Boats, RVs, etc. and on all surfaces made of Ceramic, Plastic, Chrome, Tile, Metal, Glass, Acrylic, Fiberglass, Granite, Marble and other stones. PRODUXA® Premium works fantastic on stainless steel, cabinets, backsplashes, glass, mirrors, etc. as grease will wipe easily off, fingerprints won’t stick, it won’t leave behind a greasy, sticky residue, it's not flammable, and it brings out the natural look of the materials you coat.

This product works excellent on all colored paints! No matter if it’s black or white or any other color.

Yes, the product works perfectly on Ceramic coated vehicles.

The coating can be applied in direct sunlight. But we recommend to apply it at ambient temperature to a cool surface and out of the sunlight to ensure the best surface conditions and proper application. If your engine, rims, exhausts, etc. are hot, let them cool down before you apply the product.

PRODUXA® Premium effectively protects any surface against harsh UV solar rays, pollution, water spots, bug or bird residues, and road grime. It won't fully repel dust and pollen, but makes cleaning them off easier afterward.

You can use PRODUXA® Premium and remove water spots (Type I). However, Hard water spots and acid rain are the hardest to remove and need some more work. We suggest removing all contaminants from the surface (including those not caused by the water spots) before applying the product for the first time. If the water spots have etched the surface, clay will sometimes remove water-spots, or a good pre-wax cleaner. If neither of those work, they will have to be buffed out.

When it rains tiny beads will appear, and sit on the surface until they get large enough to run off. Rain water takes pollutants and minerals out of the air. Even water for home use contains minerals. When surface water containing these minerals evaporates, the minerals are left on the surface, i.e., calcium, lime. This is what causes water spots. The only way to prevent water spots is to remove the water from the surface.

Yes, it can freeze, so we recommend to store the product in a place where the temperature does not drop below 32°F or 0°C.

We take pride in introducing the absolute best car care product on the market, while also being totally environmentally friendly. All our formulas are non-toxic, biodegradable and 100% VOC compliant. They also contain no harsh acids or heavy solvents and are 100% free of hydrofluoric and sulfuric acids. Which means that when washing the product off, it is totally eco-friendly to drop down into the drains.


A. Our standard Shipping costs for deliveries in the US (LOWER 48 US ONLY) are $6.95. We do offer FREE SHIPPING for all U.S.-based orders over $100 (LOWER 48 US ONLY). Please check shipping rates to Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico at the Checkout.


A. We are currently accepting orders from the US, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Additional fees, such as Import taxes, duties and related customs fees may apply for international orders and we are not responsible for such fees.


A. Most U.S. orders get delivered within 2-5 business days. Orders to Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico & International Orders can take up to 15 Business Days. 


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PRODUXA® PRODUXA®  Pro Microfiber Towels - PACKS (800 GSM) ReviewPRODUXA® PRODUXA®  Pro Microfiber Towels - PACKS (800 GSM) ReviewPRODUXA® PRODUXA®  Pro Microfiber Towels - PACKS (800 GSM) ReviewPRODUXA® PRODUXA®  Pro Microfiber Towels - PACKS (800 GSM) ReviewPRODUXA® PRODUXA®  Pro Microfiber Towels - PACKS (800 GSM) Review
1 Satisfied client

I love this product “PRODUXA” My Truck never shined so well. I recommend PRODUXA to all my Friends and Family. I even have people come up and ask what I used. Along with UR Towels this works very well and takes no time to complete the Job Thank You for a Great Product.

Gregg B.
United States United States
Not sure yet

I used product on my 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee last week seems ok we will see how long it holds up. Surface bubbles up ( water beads) after rain thought it might run off better. Wound up using almost entire bottle of product on vehicle did glass and used some inside. Also used on rims and sidewall of tires. Towels I purchased seem very good quality unlike ones previously purchased from you. As I say time will tell. I bought 2 bottles maybe won't need as much next time The towels I bought seem very good quality

Richard K.
United States United States
Plush Towel

Work great with any of your other Produxa products. Nice and plush and soft leaving no streaks.

George M.
United States United States
good towels

I like the way they polish my black caddy

Joe S.
United States United States
Polish towels

An excellent product. Very plush and smooth that won’t harm my finish.

Peter P.
United States United States